Wedding Gift Idea

Voucher for NFT and Crypto Lover friends

Wedding gift for crypto & NFT lovers

Voucher as WEDDING GIFT to turn future wedding certificate or wedding photo into NFT

Wedding gift for NFT & Crypto Lover – NFT Certificate of Wedding Certificate

A friend of yours is a NFT lover and is getting married in the near future? You are looking for a wedding gift for your NFT lover friend? Then the Chapel of the Metaverse (COTM) is the right place for you to find it.

We offer you a voucher as a wedding gift that your NFT lover friend will enjoy. With our voucher he has the possibility to publish his real wedding certificate on the blockchain as NFT.  Like that the certificate is immortalized and is a technological & romantic statement in the Metaverse. The crypto gift NFT can be minted on either the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain.

The process to get to your NFT wedding gift is easy:

  • In Our NFT Shop you order a voucher code for the NFT publication of existing marriage certificates.
  • You will receive the voucher code from us via email.
  • You hand over the voucher code to your Crypto Lover friend as a wedding gift.
  • After the wedding in real life your friend orders the publication of his existing wedding certificate as NFT. In the order process he uploads a picture of the wedding certificate. Payment is done with the voucher code.
  • We verify the certificate, certify it with the COTM stamp and mint it as NFT on the chosen blockchain.
  • After 1-2 days, we transfer the finished NFT for your NFT friend to his Metamask wallet.
  • At the same time we notify him via email that his NFT wedding gift is ready in his Metamask wallet.

The voucher card for your crypto friend can be used for all of our services. Most used is the certification of the recent wedding certificate as an NFT and als the minting of the official wedding photo as an NFT.


Wedding Gift Idea - Virtual Marriage

Just an idea for using your wedding gift voucher, probably your crypto friend who is about to marry is interested in a virtual marriage or online wedding in the Metaverse. Decentraland, a metaverse stage based on the Ethereum network that permits couples, to make, draw in with and adapt computerised content through an assortment of intuitive encounters, has turned into the first metaverse wedding to have a virtual marriage.

An couple from the USA had their virtual marriage with their computerized characters on Saturday, the fifth of February 2022, in the very first marriage that occurred in the Metaverse. The virtual marriage function occurred in Decentraland and had every one of the elements of an actual marriage which incorporates observers, a High Court Equity official and a virtual group of 2,000 visitors with a lot of wedding gifts.

The lady of the hour and lucky man, Ryan and Candice Hurley employed Rose Regulation Gathering to lawfully formalize their virtual wedding. The gathering’s Author and President Jordan Rose claims it was the first virtual wedding facilitated on any online blockchain-based Metaverse.

Having the wedding gift voucher in hands, tell your crypto friend to also check out our fine NFT jewellery including NFT Engagement Rings and NFT Wedding rings with individual gravure.

A voucher is a gift certificate that can be used to purchase a particular item or service. They are usually issued by a store or company and can be used as a way to promote their products or services.

Wedding gifts can be difficult to choose, especially if the couple has very specific taste. A voucher is a great option for a wedding gift because it can be used to purchase anything the couple needs for their big day. If you know a couple who loves crypto, then this is the best gift idea you can get.