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We turn your personalized LOVE message into an NFT

Wedding Certificate NFTs

We turn your existing WEDDING CERTIFICATE into an NFT

COTM Wedding Certificate NFTs

We create an COTM WEDDING CERTIFICATE and turn into an NFT

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Certificate NFT Voucher as WEDDING GIFT to turn future wedding certificate into NFT

Wedding Invitation NFT

We turn your WEDDING INVITATION into an NFT

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We turn your WEDDING PHOTO into an NFT

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The Chapel of the Metaverse (COTM) is a community believing in romance, love, faith, future, marriage & the power of the metaverse to build a diverse world with no conventional boundaries. The blockchain is our technological friend to achieve our mission. We offer Wedding & NFT services all along the timeline of love.

LIO, NFT guy

KIJA, Blockchainist

AKI, Wedding Planner

DIYA, Website things

RICK, Spiritual Support


NFT stands for non-fungible token. A token is a digital asset, for instance, a work of art, concert tickets, etc. By purchasing an NFT, one acquires a virtual certificate of ownership, which is stored on the blockchain and thus forgery-proof and unique. The buyer thereby secures rights to the digital image and can also resell his acquired share at will. Blockchain technology guarantees that all information relating to previous transactions is recorded and immutable.

It is technology that can be viewed as a decentralized global database, in which ownership can be assigned. In the blockchain, like on a “chain,” information and transactions are added in chronological order, and as soon as a certain limit of entries is reached, they are sealed and a “block” is created. Once this has been digitally stored, a new block can be created. After each of these processes, the blocks are threaded onto a tightly connected chain. The blockchain is decentralized and is therefore not connected with states or banks; nevertheless, it is stored at the highest security standard through a global network of computers.

MetaMask is a widely used crypto wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase a COTM NFT. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (for example, 0xScPOO….666), and this is where your NFT will be stored. Learn more about MetaMask and how easy it is to use:

Here is a detailed video on how to create your MetaMask wallet:

The COTM standards represent our values and mindset. You can find our more about them here.

Your NFT will appear in your connected adress or wallet, you used to purchase the NFT. You can see your freshly minted NFT directly in your crypto wallet. You can transfer it to other wallets or to a marketplace in order to trasnsfer it (or not). Please allow 24-48hrs for the delivery of the NFT. Anyhow you will be notified by Email once the NFT is minted.

Good examples for creating an romantic, personalised message NFT for your loved one are:

  • love declarations
  • excuse me messages
  • faithfulness vows
  • wedding proposal
  •  handwritten letters
  • self composed love songs
  • …. your creativity is the limit!

You will see your NFT in your wallet only. If you wish you can set your NFT to public on marketplaces like Opeansea.

Yes, you can choose between the Polygon Blockchain and Ethereum (ERC 1055) Blockchain. There is a difference in pricing, basically the effect of unique minting your NFT is the same. As Ethereum is historically better known, Crypto lovers opt for that blockchain.

Yes you can, but as we are very NFT oriented you will need to do it via Metamask. Once you have an active Metamask wallet you can fill the necessary amount for your purchase by using the Credit Card option to fill your Metamask wallet.

Image files, video files (max 10MB) and sound files (max 10 MB).

Following formats are  supported: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF.

Metaverse Wedding in Decentraland - Romantic NFT Messages & Wedding Certificates as NFT

Chapel of the Metaverse is a community that allows anyone to get married in the Metaverse. We run a wedding chapel in Decentraland, which you can rent by the hour. Furthermore, we use blockchain technology to enrich relationships with NFTs. We enable individual, personalized NFT messages for your loved ones. These messages will be sifted by us, certified and stored on the blockchain of your choice, namely Polygon or Ethereum.

Wedding Chapel in Decentraland

Our minimalist and modern designed wedding chapel is located in Decentraland. It is a special place to celebrate your wedding in the Metaverse. We have enough space for up to 50 people and the chapel is also suitable for small parties. Booking by the hour is not a problem, the exact location will be announced shortly before the wedding to prevent Metaverse wedding crashers.

Bring your friends to the Metaverse Marriage to attend your wedding ceremony. There is plenty of room to host visitors in our wedding chapel. The Chapel is also open for engagement ceremonies, gay weddings, LGBTQ wedding in the Metaverse.

Bring your own pastor or celebrate on your own. After the wedding ceremony make your vowes offical by ordering a COTM Metaverse Wedding Certificate as an NFT.

Wedding in a small Church in Decentraland – Metaverse Marriage Venue

A church is not a chapel, as a wedding church normally is quite some bigger than a wedding chapel. However you would like to see it, you can marry in our wedding church in decentraland or in our wedding chapel in decentraland, it is up to you! What is most important is that we are non denominational. Non-denominational means that we welcome all beliefs, all orientations and all people who are in line with our COTM standards and values in order to celebrate a Metaverse marriage.

Romantic NFT Messages – Individual and Personal

With our Romantic NFT service you can send your partner a personal message as NFT. We allow messages as a picture, video or sound file. We certify this message. A picture will be stamped, a soundfile and a video will have a verbal certification confirmation. This file will be minted by us as NFT.

Your Video NFT, your sound NFT or your message as picture NFT. The process is lean and simple. Upload your message (we can mint your video, picture or sound as NFT), right after your payment we mit your message as NFT. Once we get the confirmation form the blockchain that your NFT message has been minted successfully we will transfer the NFT to your wallet. In paralell we will notify by Email that we did so.

This service is beeing used whenever there is an important message in terms of love involved. A engagement proposal, a marriage proposal might on of those events when you would like to use the blochchain in order to make it official by using an NFT.

Wedding Certificate NFT – Blockchain certification for old or new wedding certificates.

Order now, upload a picture of your existing wedding certificate or virtual marriage record, we turn it into an NFT in our wedding register. Like that your marriage will be published on the blockchain, you will have access to this minted record via your Metamask wallet. If you want to publish your existing wedding certificate in the blockchain or metaverse, you can do it with COTM. After uploading the wedding certificate image, we will certify it and mine it as NFT on Polygon or Ethereum. If you and your partner do not have a wedding certificate, then you can get a COTM wedding certificate from us. This offer is especially good for confirming relationships that are not yet as accepted as they should be in some societies. Gay relationships, LGBTQ+ relationships are easily certified by COTM and added to the Wedding Register as an NFT.

Your personalised NFT – you choose the blockchain!

You are able to choose on which blockchain you would like to mint your NFT. We have Ethereum and Polygon as an option. Polygon nevertheless is the cheapest option for minting your personalized NFT. Nevertheless we know that there are different opinions about which blockchain should be used to mint an NFT. We let you choose and adapt to your budget you want to spend on your individual NFT.

Gay Wedding Metaverse

We, COTM, are liberal and open. All orientations inkluding gay are welcome. In our standards you can check our mindset and imprint and see if our attitude matches yours. We want to give all gay & lesbian couples an opportunity to get married in the Metaverse. How big you want to make your marriage celebration is up to you, book the wedding chapel or just book a COTM wedding certificate.

Wedding Invitations NFT

NFTs have arrived in the masses, even in the wedding sector. We offer you the possibility to have your wedding invitation minted as an NFT. Either on the Ethereum or Polygon blockchain. We mint the number of NFT invitations you want and transfer them to your wallet (Metamask) specified during the purchase. You can then send your wedding invitations as NFT to your friends, relatives and family as a nice reminder.

Wedding photos as NFT – Nice memory for your guests

Another service for your wedding guests is to send wedding photos as NFT afterwards. This way your guests will have a nice digital reminder in their wallet. This NFT product is also suitable for personalities who aim to generate income by selling limited NFTs.

Obituary Death Notice NFT

In case you lost a beloved person you can create a obituary death notice NFT by using a picture. We turn the photo into an NFT and imortalize the deceased in the blockchain. A nice memory for the deceased for your family and friends.

Newborn Photo NFT & Ultrasound Baby Picture NFT

NFTs offer a brandnew possibility to communicate in case of preganancy or a newborn baby. We mint the ultrasound baby photo as NFT or also you newborn baby photos as NFT on Ethereum or Polygon blockchain. Just tell us how many units of the NFT you would like to receive, we send you the agreed amount as a nice memory to your Metamask wallet.

NFT Jewelry  – Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings as NFT

Check our our NFT jewellery category. In our NFT shop you will find both NFT engagement rings with nice and exclusive design and very special NFT wedding rings which can be configured according to your needs. You can choose the kind of gold you want to use for your NFT ring and also wether you would like to have a diamond on the womans wedding ring. You can also get a gravure, like that your wedding ring NFT will not only be unique by the blockchain but also by design.