Payment & Shipping

Payment: Our services can be paid via Metamask Wallet only.

Once you registered a Metamask wallet, you also can pay via CreditCard using the Metamask wallet. Find here some information on how to get started with Metamask: https://youtu.be/GNPz-Dv5BjM

Delivery of NFT Services: For our NFT services please allow a delivery time of 24 hours weekdays.

The process for the NFT services is as follows:

      • Once you finished the order process you will receive an order confirmation.
      • We will review your order.
      • We will certify it according to COTM standards and
      • We will mint it on the chosen Blockchain for you.
      • We will transfer the NFT token directly into your Metamask wallet.
      • You will be notified per E-Mail once we transferred the token.

Chapel Rental

      • You will receive an order confirmation per email.
      • 24h prior to your booking you will be notified per Email about the exact location of our Chapel in Decentraland.
      • Cancellations & date changes are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Validity of vouchers: Vouchers have a validity of 24 months starting from the date of purchase.